9 of the Best Ingredients for Dry Skin

February 8, 2023

Dry skin is an issue that can make you feel uncomfortable and even self-conscious. So, what can you do about it? Get yourself the best ingredients for dry skin. Familiarize yourself with them and make purchasing skincare products easier by knowing your skin needs. 

Not to get confused with dehydrated skin, they’re in the same ballpark, but it is a different game.  Read Dehydration Signs in Skin? - 5 Easy steps to Treat Dehydration.

Stay tuned for the best ingredients for dry skin in this reading session. Let’s find solutions to the crackling tissue. 

Understanding dry skin - why does it happen? 

Dryness can be chronic, and addressing it sooner is best to avoid flakiness. It’s seasonal and can max its severance in wintertime and summertime - depleting the skin.

What are the characteristics of dry skin? It lacks the normal range of moisture. It may be genetic or caused by the beatdown of natural barriers and components. Are you using anti-bacterial soap? If you’re tackling acne, it is understandable, but frequent use of harsh soaps can cause dry skin.

Not all creams and lotions serve the same. There are three to consider; humectants, occlusives, and emollients. The humectants extract water molecules from the air and attract them to the skin’s surface. Occlusives supply a barrier to trap water and prevent moisture loss - Find more in 2 Speedy Ways to do Slugging Skin Care

Lastly, emollients help smooth the skin and increase the rate of skin barrier restoration. Work with these three in conjunction to treat and prevent dry skin. 

The best ingredients for dry skin

When out shopping or scrolling through your favorite skincare website, identify the products with the following ingredients to alleviate your dry skin!

What a fascinating component that holds water to an impressive amount. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant - that attracts hydration from the exterior - providing long-lasting hydration.  

Curious for more? Continue in 5 Amazing Hyaluronic Acid Benefits For Skin.

Shea butter for the win 

9 of the Best Ingredients for Dry Skin

What makes shea butter great is its concentration of fats and vitamins that aid in toning and moisturizing the skin. Another reason to choose shea butter is its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. It is safe on most skin as it soothes and protects the skin. 

Square dance with Squalane 

Trust a lipid natural from our skin to amp hydration and even fight signs of aging. As you age, squalene production goes down. Thus, it is part of the best ingredients for dry skin.  

Let’s elaborate on the difference between squalane and squalene. Squalene is an oily compound natural in our bodies, animals, and plants. 

In skin care products, squalene from animals or plants must convert to squalene to avoid a rotten state. Are you eager to try this ingredient in a skincare product? Select from plant-based squalane. 

Controversial alert: Sharks are hunted and trafficked illegally for the squalane in their liver. When choosing a skincare product, select those with plant-derived squalane. 

Glide & glaze with Glycerin 

It is a clear, odorless liquid from animals, plants, or petroleum. Glycerin mixes well with water and may attract moisture deep in the skin and the air. Yes, it is a humectant, its thicker substance coat the skin from losing water and fast-tracks soft skin - shedding dead and damaged cells to surface the skin faster. 

What more is there to glycerin? 

  • Ease irritation 
  • Strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier
  • Improves skin’s appearance

Beta-Glucan for better results!

A sugary ingredient since it is a form of sugar - the polysaccharides. And what makes it one of the best ingredients for dry skin? Beta-glucan may soothe and calm irritated skin. Moreover, it can prevent aging skin issues and boost the skin barrier. 

Beta-glucan is a humectant that boosts hydration levels and skin barrier function. 

Sodium PCA

Not as popular as the names above, but Sodium PCA is worthy of the best ingredients for dry skin. It is a humectant - that attracts water to lock it on the skin while protecting the barrier. 

It comes from oils, fruits, and plants - known as pyroglutamic acid or amino acid proline

Avoid combining Sodium PCA with nitrosamines - Diethanolamine or Triethanolamine. These two may be less effective and potentially harm the skin. 

Panthenol your troubles away

It is a chemical substance made from pantothenic acid - vitamin B5. Panthenol is an organic occurrence but can also stem from plant and animal sources. 

In cosmetics, it may soften, soothe, and be an anti-irritant agent. And it also supplies your skin from water loss, building up its barrier. 

Tocopherol is too cool

It is a class of natural occurring compounds that exhibit vitamin E activity. This ingredient helps protect the skin from free radical damage and may strengthen the skin barrier. 

Also known as vitamin E, it helps improve signs of aging but providing a source of antioxidants. 

It may also help retain the skin’s moisture. 

Light the way with Arbutin

Alpha arbutin derives of hydroquinone and it is found in skin-lightening solutions. It is a natural element and may be extracted from bearberry, blueberry, pears, and other fruits. 

Synthetic production is also possible through a process on hydroquinone. 

Past studies have shown positive results in reducing hyperpigemntation. Apart from decreasing melanin production, it has antioxidant properties that improve skin texture. 


Take the step to treat your dry skin to avoid issues down the road. The best ingredients for dry skin vary and depending on your specific skin needs, you may opt for one more than the other. 

Explore and treat your skin with the best care. 

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