A Salad of Nutrition for the Skin

2 Plus Topicals Nutrition

2 Plus Topicals is a protector from Free Radical Damage, Cellular Skin Damage, and Oxidative Stress. So discover Topical Nutrition. 

2+ Topicals® provides nutritional supplementation to your skin, combining advanced proprietary chemistry with the best of nature to protect and prevent. A formulated balance delivers a blend of premium ingredients, botanical oils, minerals, and vitamins. A good diet may help, but it is just not enough in today's toxic matrix. This daily application nourishes your skin from the outside in, directly to the cells.
2+ Topicals®

Prevention & Protection

Advanced Chemistry

The "2+" symbol represents a unique technology of cations and biochemistry, balancing the molecular bonding that naturally occurs. 2+ Topicals® technology diffuses a variety of free radicals and delivers essential nutrient uptake to the cell.

Free Radical  Damage at 20

Free Radical  Damage at 40

Free Radical  Damage at 60

Quality Ingredients

2+ Topicals® is formulated with the highest quality ingredients, GMP certified with a certificate of analysis proving their integrity. Many components are of Biotech Grade.

The essential oils are commercial grade also, purified, and approved by the manufacturer. Each ingredient is GRAS safe and has been researched, reviewed, and used for its long-term safety profile.

Clinically Proven

2+ Topicals Nutritional Lotion. 14 Days.

Significant Results!

Users noticed four benefit improvements in the skin in just two weeks.


Users described a healthier glow.


Smaller pores along with improved overall firmness sensation.


Noticeably even skin tone


Deeply hydrated skin.

Why 2+ Topicals®

  • I Want to Help My Skin
  • I Want Softer Skin
  • I Believe in the Importance of Nutrition
  • Safety in Natural Treatments
  • Used by Doctors
  • No Animal Testing
  • No Petroleum Oils or Fragrances
  • Clinically Proven
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
The 2+ Topicals® line profoundly nourishes your skin and prevents damage from the environmental stressors you're exposed to every day. The proper skincare routine for your skin type can help reduce wrinkles by up to 40%. In addition, 2+ Topicals® skincare products give your skin a healthy glow!

The skin is our first line of defense, protecting the body from all the harmful radicals in the environment. Unfortunately, our most significant organ in the body receives the lowest level of nutrition. While you may not see signs of aging visibly, cellular damage occurs every second of every day.

2+ Topicals® are applied directly onto your skin, where they provide targeted relief from free radicals.
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